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Residence in Rio by Office 25 Architects

Greek studio Office 25 Architects designed this magnificent resident in Rio, a small town near Patra, Greece.

Creative Typography by David Mcleod

Awesome typographic creations by David McLeod, an Australian artist and designer based in New York.

Realistic Illustrated Portraits by Flora Toth

Incredibly detailed drawings of famous artists by Hungarian illustrator Flora Toth.

Afro Hair Collection: Photos by Luke Nugent

Fantastic selection of portraits by UK-based photographer Luke Nugent.

Garstone Whiskey Branding by Bolimond & Vareyko

Belarusian creatives Constantin Bolimond and Tamara Vareyko worked in collaboration to produce this stunning brand identity and packaging concepts for Garstone Whiskey.

Animal Bone Sculptures by Gerard Geer

Melbourne-based sculpture artist Gerard Geer creates fantastical hybrid creatures by combining animal bones, specimens, and other natural elements.

Futuristic Vehicle Concepts by Connery Xu

Old School Racing Posters & Illustrations by Adi Gilbert

Pop Culture Creations by Sykosan

Rainy Tokyo: Photos by Junya Watanabe

Created from Light: Paintings by Zarina Situmorang

Highly Detailed Miniatures by Akara Studio

Thanks for the memories: Illustration Series by Gabi Vasko

Paper Artworks by Margaret Scrinkl

Characters & Pop Culture Illustrations by Oscar Gonzalez

Sculptures by Adrian Balogh

Klaki: Abstract Ice Cave Photos by Brynjar Agustsson

Foggy Window Paintings by Jochen Mühlenbrink

Book Covers by Wei-Che Kao

Vintage Illustrations by Akira Yonekawa

Hrum&Hrum Nuts Packaging by Bolimond & Vareyko

Travel Photography by Florian Wenzel

Hand-Lettering by Diego Carneiro

Embroidered Artworks by Cléa Lala

Street Art by Sokram Mutante

In Bamboo Community Center by Archi-Union Architects

Neon: Photos by Nikita Zhurnakov & Anton Semechkin

Futuristic Car Concepts by Dohoon Jeong

Typographic Art by Gary Stranger

Geometric Illustrations & Murals by Camilla Falsini

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